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Hi everyone, my name is Ahjile and I am a wild, passionate, expressive, and enthusiastic photographer! I have always had a camera in my hand from a young age. But with the birth of my second child a true passion was born. Photography teaches you to see the world differently. It opens your eyes to the beauty around you. You look at the world and see how you will capture it, freeze it, and share it with the people around you. There is a priceless beauty in being able to capture moments that will never be physically experienced again. By freezing them though, I am able to create the feeling of the moment in your mind. My passion is to capture your moments, your life, and your emotions so that you can live them over again forever.



The “How, When & Why” of Childbirth. We are excited to offer the first fully customized childbirth education classes to meet our clients unique wants and needs. Not everyone has the flexibility to commit to a long series of classes….that’s why we offer a fun 9 hour series that is comprehensive, easy to digest and will give you the skills you need to approach birth with confidence.

Our Educators have undergone a rigorous certification process and are trained Labor and Postpartum Doulas that bring the same knowledge, compassion and unbiased professionalism to all of our clients.



Baby Bound would love to introduce you to our affiliate; Nicole Wallace, D.C. – Doctor of Chiropractic . Doctor Wallace works with Family Wellness, Pediatric Care, and Pregnancy Care

What Eclipse Chiropractic Offers:                    Chiropractic Manual Adjusting                      Activator Method                                              BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique      Total Body Modification                                    NeuroEmotional Technique                              Low Level Laser Therapy                                Functional Medicine                                            Clinical Nutrition                                              

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