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Thank you for your interest in coming to see us! Baby Bound Ultrasound is designed for mommies-to-be so that they have a place for all of their pregnancy needs. Not only do we offer a top-of-the line ultrasound experience but we strive to provide our customers with resources to assist them in all areas of their journeys into and throughout motherhood. Passion is key here at Baby Bound Ultrasound. We absolutely LOVE sharing these moments with your beautiful, growing family. Our dedicated, experienced and certified sonographers recognize how important this time is in your life, and we are here to make sure your experience is unforgettable!
Rachel Brady

Rachel Brady

Owner / Lead Sonographer

A little about myself: I believe compassion is why this business makes me happy day in and day out. I really enjoy making people happy and genuinely care about these moments. Since I can remember, I have had a love for babies. I would bring my doll everywhere and always play babysitter. Fast forward some years, I would catch myself pondering thoughts of business names for my then-boyfriend’s future construction company and telling my peers I would one day run my own business, just as my parents and grandparents always had.

After high school, I attended Cal State San Marcos, majoring in business but not sure where I was headed. Soon after, I was getting married to that same boyfriend and starting a family of my own. After having my second son by the age of 21, I really felt the need to follow my dreams for the future of my babies! I take no credit other than faith leading me into a career of pure passion.

One morning I woke up and had a vision! Soon I shared these plans with my family and was immediately surrounded with support and encouragement. At 6:30 am one morning, after months of pondering a business name, I got a text message from my dad the read,  “‘Baby Bound Ultrasound,’ what do you think?” From that moment, my dream and vision became a reality. I focus each and every day on growing and improving Baby Bound Ultrasound. I am proud to say that five (almost six) years later, we have our dream location with everything I originally envisioned and so much more.

Meanwhile, I am now a mommy to three beautiful children. Bently, who turns ten in March, is my oldest and LOVES baseball. Then there is Liam, who is eight years old. He keeps me on my toes and is amazing at anything he tries! Liam is my little athlete with the biggest heart. And then, we have our little Irie Mae. She completely changed our lives when she entered our family three and a half years ago. Her love for babies is just like mine, and she’s got the sweetest soul.

We love spending time in our community here in Canyon Lake. As a family, we enjoy days on the boat, pool parties and barbecues all summer long. We love to go camping and take spontaneous day trips. We attend church weekly and pray with our kids daily. We love to travel, and Lake Tahoe is one of our favorite places to visit. Our daily life is go go go! Running a business, you NEVER catch a break, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Oh, and I am so proud to say that my husband is now (as of June 2017) the proud owner of “Brady’s Woodworking” (one of the names I wrote down in my 10th grade journal in 2004). This is life changing for us! It’s an amazing feeling when your dreams and goals come true! Thank you for all of your continuous support to Baby Bound Ultrasound Spa & Float Center, you all have made this possible!

-Rachel Brady

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